Code: 15x29
Title: Way Back When
Parts: 1
Index: 633
Season: Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive
Airdate: October 22, 2007
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While Ronny & Dax debate over who came first, the chicken or the egg, Rose scans the Octavian Chalice. For some reason, the chalice is giving off five jewel signatures. Tyzonn joins them and they begin trying to figure out who has what jewel. When Mack & Will come in, Mack offers to plug himself into the computers and replay all their past adventures. So Mack gets plugged in . . . the walk down memory lane begin. First up is how the team first became Power Rangers, and how Moltor got the Crown. Next up is the hunt for the first Jewel. From Atlantis with the cocoon, to the Scrolls & Sword of Neptune, and getting Brownbeard's Pearl. With trip one complete, the team recaps with Moltor having the crown and them having Browbeard's Pearl. Rose then has an idea to start marking where the Jewels were found, first up is St. Lucia, where Brownbeard was from. Time for video presentation number two. We begin in Turkey with the Hou-Ou Bird, and then the Parchment and end with the Toru Diamond in Indonesia. So, now we have St. Lucia & Indonesia as locations where Jewels were found. Moving onto Brazil where the Fear Cats showed up and the Rangers got the Yanamamae Statue. Then the Cannon Of Ki Amuk, Thor's Hammer, the Compass and finally the Blue Sapphire off the coast of Mexico, though Kamdor stole it. After placing the third marker on the map, there still doesn't appear to be any patter or reasoning to the locations. So with one more Jewel Adventure, we see where the Centurion Torch was found in the forest in San Angles. Then the Scarab Beetle, the Tablet and finally the Star or Isis in Florida. So with all four locations marked, there still isn't a pattern. So with one more trip down memory lane, Mack brings us up to date with the final battle with the Fear Cats & the team getting the Chalice. But that still doesn't make any sense out of the locations of the Jewels. Spencer then brings the team a plate of sandwiches to eat, before their next adventure. That's when it finally clicks with Rose. "It's not about where we found the Jewels, it's about where they were to begin with." Okay so with those locations we have, Atlantis, Istanbul, Portugal & California. But, the Jewels first came to Earth millions of years ago, when the Earth's continents were all joined together as one landmass called Pangaea. Plus, all four Jewels originated between 30 and 45 Degrees North Latitude. So when you pull all the continents back together, as they first were, the four Jewels were surrounding Greece, the next place to begin searching.