Episode: 4-6 & 32
Season: Power Rangers: Jungle Fury

Toady was one of the Five Fingers of Poison, an elite squad of venomous warriors, each possession a unique & treacherous poison. He was Able to ward off the strongest defense, not smart but not to be underestimated. He and the others were summoned by Dai Shi to gather fear for his power to grow. After their first battle with the Power Rangers, the Five Poisons each began to get frustrated, because they had their own plans on destroying the Rangers, but couldn't do anything about it. Toady wanted nothing more than for Stingerella to love him. So when Stingerella had the Rangers on the ropes, Toady jumped in when he thought the Blue Ranger was hugging his love. Toady grew large to battle the Rangers and prove his love for Stingerellea. However, after he was hit with the Savage Spin, Today noticed that the scorpion just left him. Toady was left crushed & crying and he left the battle. Camille told Toady that Stingerella was just playing hard to get. She instructed him to fight for Stingerella and prove how chivalrous he was. So after the Rangers beat the Rinshi, they were ready to take on Stingerella. But before they could attack her, Toady showed up again. He confessed his love for Stingerella and fought for her. The Rangers weren't able to put a scratch on Toady, thanks to his force field powers. This allowed the two poisons to escape. The Rangers were able to catch up with them, but when they took them on, they were still no match for the two. Later, Toady was about to blast open a Volcano, as Stingerella suggested, to have it level the city. But just as he attacked, the Rangers jumped in and deflected his blasts. This time the Rangers were back in sync with one another. While the Blue & Yellow Rangers charged the claw Cannon, the Red Ranger held off the two poisons. Once the cannon was fully charged, the Rangers fired it at the two monsters. It was able to blast right through Toady's force field and destroy him, leaving Stingerella without her love.

In an attempt to destroy the Rangers & Masters, Dai Shi used his powers to open a door to the Spirit World, unleashing the worst of the worst monsters the Rangers had faced. The Rangers and Masters battle hard against the army, and in the end, thanks to the Masters attacking in their Animal Warrior Forms, were successful in destroy the Beast Army.