Guard 2
Red Shadow Guard II
Episode: 17 & 32
Season: Power Rangers: Jungle Fury

These were two of many stone warriors entombed in a mountainside. Grizzaka used his Zocato power to free them and bring these two to life. They attacked Ocean Bluff and the Rangers quickly responded. The Wolf Ranger took on one without any trouble, but the other Rangers were having some difficulty. When the Wolf Ranger ordered and special attack, the team was able to force the Guards to retreat. Later, when the Guards returned, the Blue & Yellow Rangers took them on, but were severely out matched. The monsters had the Rangers down and were about to destroy them, but Casey & RJ came to the rescue. Once the team morphed and fought together, they were able to take on the Guards. The Jungle Master Blue & Yellow Rangers took on the Black Guard, while the Red Ranger & Wolf Ranger took on the White Guard. Finally, the Jungle Master Rangers & the Wolf Ranger, combined the blasts from the Claw Cannon & Wolf Beam to take out the Guards. But Grizzaka used his Zocato powers to revive and enlarge the Guards. The Rangers formed the Jungle Master Megazord & the Wolf Zord to battle. But with two against one Megazord & one Zord, the team was still outmatched. The Wolf Ranger then used his powers to summon the Tiger & Jaguar Zords. He combined them with the Wolf Zord to form the Wolf Pride Megazord and controlled it himself, giving the Rangers two Megazords to fight with. With the scales balanced, the Rangers were able to destroy the guards with the Full Fury & Spin Fury Attacks.

In an attempt to destroy the Rangers & Masters, Dai Shi used his powers to open a door to the Spirit World, unleashing the worst of the worst monsters the Rangers had faced. The Rangers and Masters battle hard against the army, and in the end, thanks to the Masters attacking in their Animal Warrior Forms, were successful in destroy the Beast Army.