Episode: 4, 7 & 32
Season: Power Rangers: Jungle Fury

Rantipede is one of the Five Fingers of Poison, an elite squad of venomous warriors, each possession a unique & treacherous poison. He can strike 100 times before his opponent can respond. He and the others were summoned by Dai Shi to gather fear for his power to grow. After their first battle with the Power Rangers, the Five Poisons each began to get frustrated, because they had their own plans on destroying the Rangers, but couldn't do anything about it. But Rantipede decided to act on his own. He went to the beach and called out the Red Ranger. Instead of the Red Ranger, the Yellow Ranger showed up and took on the insect. The bug and the Ranger went blow for blow with the rapid fire jabs, but the Yellow Ranger managed to get in some hits and then dished out the pain with her Jungle Bo. Just when it looked like Rantipede was finished, he revealed his real Centipede face and grew large. The Rangers formed the Jungle Pride Megazord and the battle was on. The bug was fast & strong, and was able to keep the Rangers at bay with his fast punches. The Rangers were in trouble when Rantipede used his long neck to tie up the Megazord. But the Rangers broke free and used the Savage Spin to destroy Rantipede.

Later Gakko & Rantipede were brought back by Naja with his Life Talons. They planned to overthrow and destroy Dai Shi. However, when they went to attack the Dark Master, Camille was waiting for them and caught them off guard. While Camille handled Naja, Dai Shi quickly and easily destroyed Rantipede.

In an attempt to destroy the Rangers & Masters, Dai Shi used his powers to open a door to the Spirit World, unleashing the worst of the worst monsters the Rangers had faced. The Rangers and Masters battle hard against the army, and in the end, thanks to the Masters attacking in their Animal Warrior Forms, were successful in destroy the Beast Army.