Episode: 23, 28 & 32
Season: Power Rangers: Jungle Fury

Rinner was one of the eight Phantom Beast Warriors commanded by the Phantom Beast Generals. He and Badrat were ordered to go into the city & capture the citizens with their magical dust. Once the citizens were captured, they could use the fear from them to become more powerful. The two beasts went into the city and began doing just that. It wasn't long before the the Rangers showed up though. Badrat tried his dust, but the Ranger's Animal Spirits protected them. The Wolf, Rhino, Jaguar & Cheetah Rangers battled Badrat, and had the upper hand, until Rammer showed up giant size. The team split up, with the Wolf & Rhino taking on Rammer in their Megazords, while the Blue & Yellow Rangers handled Badrat. The heroes almost had the monsters beaten, but just before they were destroyed, they used their powers to switch places. Now the giant Badrat attacked and beat the two Megazords, and Rammer took out the Blue & Yellow Rangers. With the Rangers weakened, the two monsters decided to use their dust on them again. This time the dust worked and the Rangers were captured. All the citizens from Ocean Bluff, and the four Rangers, were shrunken and placed inside rat traps, in a cave. Rammer & Badrat showed up to scare the people and gather more fear, but the four Rangers weren't fightened of them, so they left. After Casey was able to free everyone, thanks to help from Whiger, the Rangers went back to the city to finish off Badrat & Rammer. The Red Ranger took the lead and fought them in Jungle Master Mode. He did damage to them with the Shark Sabers & his Tiger Spirit. The other Ranger got in some hits and the Red Ranger finished them with the Rhino Morpher with Claw Power. However, the two beasts weren't done yet. They both grew giant size and the Ranges went to their three Megazords. The Megazords though weren't powerful enough. Rammer & Badrat unleashed a combined spinning attack, separating the Megazords back to the Zord forms. The Rangers weren't done yet though. They summoned all of their Zords and fired their Full Fury attack at the monsters, destroying Rammer.

In an attempt to destroy the Rangers & Masters, Dai Shi used his powers to open a door to the Spirit World, unleashing the worst of the worst monsters the Rangers had faced. The Rangers and Masters battle hard against the army, and in the end, thanks to the Masters attacking in their Animal Warrior Forms, were successful in destroy the Beast Army.