Episode: 8 & 26
Season: Power Rangers: Jungle Fury

The Pangolin had plate like armor that was almost impossible to break through. The monster was attacking the city, in his rolling mode, with the Rangers trying to stop him. However, his armor was too strong and none of the Rangers weapons to even scratch him. On Camille's orders, Pangolin grew huge to begin flattening the city. The Rangers took to the Jungle Pride Megazord, but they were still out matched. The Savage Spin was too weak, and the team was knocked out of their Megazord. Pangolin then managed to escape. Later in the forest, Pangolin hatched a plan to drill down the the shifting tectonic plates and cause and earthquake that would level Ocean Bluff. Camille ordered him to go to the city and begin drilling. When they arrived in the city, the Red and Blue Rangers showed up to fight. Camille held them off while Pangolin started his task. Before Pangolin could reach the fault line, the Yellow Ranger showed up with the Jungle Mace, and used to to fish Pangolin out of his hole. With the new weapon, the Yellow Ranger was successful in break the monster's armor. But Pangolin wasn't finished yet, he grew giant size once more. When the Rangers formed the Jungle Pride Megazord, it looked like the battle was going to go to Pangolin, but Master Phant instructed the Yellow Ranger to call forth the Elepahant Zord. With the new Elephant Zord on their side, the Rangers had it attack Pangolin. The Elephant used it attack ball to throw the monster off his feet. Then to finish Pangolin for good, the Rangers formed the Jungle Pride with Elephant Power, and used the Jungle Mace Spin Attack.

Pangolin later showed back up in the gameshow Blow That Dough, where he and two other monsters, faced off against Casey, Theo, Lily & Dom. But when Pangolin failed to answer a question about the Elephant, Bat & Shark Masters, he was turned back into a ball & cancelled by Camille.