Gender: Male
Villain Type: Henchmen
Season: Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive
Homeworld: unknown
First Appearance: Kick into Overdrive (1)
Last Appearance: Crown and Punishment
Number of Episode
Actor: Kelson Henderson

‎Norg, a Yeti, lives in the cave that Flurious decided to use as a base. He is the last yeti, but has a cousin, Sasquatch. Extremely dimwitted, to the point where he thinks penguins are trick-or-treaters in costume, he sees Flurious as his "new friend" even after being blasted (although eventually he realized this treatment was not out of friendship, this could have described Norg as Flurious's pet pevee). He assists in the villain's attempts to retrieve the Aurora gems out of coercion, though he does not appear to be evil himself and is more inclined to goof off on his missions.

He was guarding Mack while Moltor and Flurious attempted to start the DriveMax Megazord. He told Mack the secrets of both brothers and later on used the secrets against them. He finds the bodies of Mig and Benglo and Flurious tries his new gyros out on them and then they come back to life. Norg ran away from Flurious' lair after Flurious caught Norg on his throne then yelled at him for it. He went to Moltor's lair where he gave him Chillers to use and was told to stay. Moltor also had yelled Norg for catching him on his throne as well too. Norg realized and thought that Flurious missed him and after Moltor and his crew were defeated by the Rangers he kicked Norg out of his lair but not before telling Moltor he was glad Flurious broke his sled. Even Flurious in the end was not glad to see Norg either.

He wounded himself and was healed by Tyzonn and Rose; in return, he later used a healing ritual to save Tyzonn's life after the Ranger was wounded by the Fearcats. He proves he is an excellent tracker when he helps the black ranger find the Fearcats hideout. Norg tries to prove himself to Flurious by stealing the third jewel from Kamdor. He succeeds, by coincidence, and gives it to Flurious, who despite the efforts of Norg, doesn't thank him or change his perception of him. He then befriends Tyzonn's fiancee, Vella, who sees that he is not like Flurious and his soldiers. Norg also reveals to Vella that he knew Tyzonn. When Flurious completed the corona aurora he instructs his chillers to "Take care" of Vella and Norg, this sends Norg into a fury causing him to destroy all the chillers left behind. He then managed to escape from Flurious' lair with Vella.

He is now living with the Hartfords.