Episode: 23, 29 & 32
Season: Power Rangers: Jungle Fury

Grinder was one of the eight Phantom Beast Warriors commanded by the Phantom Beast Generals. After Camille managed to steal a cloning formula from a Genetic Engineer, she gave the formula to the monkey since it would only work on primates. Grinder went into the city to begin attacking. When the Rangers showed up, the warrior poured the formula on his head, plucked his hairs and created a couple hundred clones of himself. The Rhino Ranger went to find out the weakness of the formula from the scientist who created it, while the other Rangers battle the clones. During the battles, the Rangers were forced to summon the Spirit Rangers to help them. But no matter how hard they fought, more clones kept popping up. Meanwhile, the real Grinder was told by Camille to hide. The one side effect of the formula was that the original monkey would itch severely. This would make it easy for the Rangers to find and attack the original Grinder, so he went to the local lake to hide. However, knowing the Rangers would soon find out the secret to the formula, General Scorch decided to ruin Camille's plans, and let it be known where the real Grinder was hiding. Sure enough, the Rhino Ranger was able to find out that once the first monkey was destroyed, the clones would disappear. The Rhino Ranger then showed up at the lake and battled Grinder. When the other Rangers arrived, the Rhino Ranger borrowed the Red Ranger's claw booster. Rhino Ranger used the Rhino Morpher with Claw Power to take Grinder down. But the Phantom Beast Warrior grew large, forcing the Rangers to their Megazords. When the beast tried a flame attack, the Rhino Warrior Mode used it's Super Freeze attack to freeze Grinder Solid. Then to finish him off, the Rangers used the Jungle Master Stampede Formation.

In an attempt to destroy the Rangers & Masters, Dai Shi used his powers to open a door to the Spirit World, unleashing the worst of the worst monsters the Rangers had faced. The Rangers and Masters battle hard against the army, and in the end, thanks to the Masters attacking in their Animal Warrior Forms, were successful in destroy the Beast Army.