Gender: Male
Villain Type: Henchmen
Season: Power Rangers: Jungle Fury
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Welcom to the Jungle (2)
Last Appearance: Now the Final Fury
Number of Episode
Actor: Kelson Henderson

Centuries ago, Flit was not a fly, but a human warrior. He was fighting Camille, when she use Ancient Larva Dust on him, that then turning him into a large fly. She then captured him and kept him inside her stomach. The dust also cursed him to where the longer Flit stays outside of Camille's stomach, the weaker he becomes until he fades away.

While Flit does give commentary during some of the Megazord Battles, he really does want the Rangers to win. After RJ saved the fly from being trapped under a slab of concrete, Flit soon became friends with RJ and the other Rangers.

In the final battle against Dai Shi's true Dragon Form, Jarrod and Camille both helped the Rangers in destroying Dai Shi. With Camille turned good, she returned Flit to his human form. Being a human again, Flit joined the crew at Jungle Karma Pizza, while still giving the play-by-play of pizzas being made.