Episode: 3 & 26
Season: Power Rangers: Jungle Fury

In hopes of creating an unbeatable monster, Camille stole a Shaman Medicine Bag from a museum. Inside the bag was the Angry Spirit of the Buffalo. Camille used that spirit to turn a Rinshi warrior into the Rinshi Beast Buffalord. Buffalord was sent to attack the city with the Rinshi. The Rangers quickly showed up and took out the warriors. The Buffalo Beast was a bit more though. Buffalord managed to take out the Red Ranger easily, but was beaten by the Blue & Yellow Ranger's attacks. Weakened, Buffalord was forced to retreat. In the forest, the monster trained and mastered his Buffalo Battle Skills. Once ready, he returned and attacked the city once again. This time the Blue & Yellow Rangers were strong enough to take him out. But the Red Ranger, equipped with his new battle techniques, was more than a match for the beast. The Red Ranger was able to take down Buffalord with his skills and the Jungle Chucks. But Buffalord wasn't out yet, and he grew to giant size. The Rangers formed the Jungle Pride Megazord and started to take on the monster. Buffalord seemed to be too fast for the Megazord to handle, but in the end, the Rangers used the Super Kick Spin Attack to destroy the beast.

Buffalord later showed up again when Casey, Theo, Lily & Dom were transported into the gameshow "Blow That Dough". Buffalord out lasted his other two monstrous team members, but when it was on him vs. Casey, he still ended up cancelled, thanks to Casey getting his Morpher back.