Balloon Bot
Ballloon Bot
Episode: 19
Season: Power Rangers: R.P.M.

With Tenaya 7 & General Shifter leaving to test Tenaya's new Electro Magnetic Lightning Blaster, General Crunch was put in charge of creating an Attack Bot. So he created this strange Balloon Attack Bot. The bot was sent into the city, all ready in giant size. The Rangers responded in the High Octane & ValveMax Megazords. However, before they could fully attack the bot, Dr. K told them to stop. It was not known what kind of air was in the balloons of the bot. It the air were toxic, it would poison the entire dome. However, as the Bot inflated his balloons to escape, the Gold & Silver Rangers showed up in the Mach Megazord and destroyed the bot completely. Luckily, the air in the balloons was not toxic.